Our meat packing facility is home for New England's farmers, residents,​ and growing businesses for fresh quality meats.​​​​​ We provide exceptional quality and freshness straight from our facility, whether it's your animal or ours. We take pride in helping strengthen New England's economy by helping our customers thrive and our farmers grow!

We are USDA Inspected, which insures cleanliness and sanitation, & the prevention of food-borne illnesses from contamination on our products.

We have environmentally controlled coolers as well as procedures ​for zero-tolerance carcass washing, which keeps your meat as fresh as the day it was slaughtered. Your animal can hang in our chill-aging (dry aging) cooler for an aging process that no other processing facility can beat!​

 ​Our state-of-the-art processing rooms help professionalize your meats to perfection. We butcher your animal to your specified cuts and vaccum seal to ensure freshness​​. You can then pick up your meat fresh or frozen. Our specified labeling solutions help you raise your standards!