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Let's face it, America's food system is broken. To provide the utmost delicious products and the best services, trust us to handle your protein needs.

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Now servicing 500+ farms in the New England and surrounding states to provide them with retail ready packaging of their farm raised livestock.

Maroon and beige branded
Maroon and beige branded
Maroon and beige branded

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We also offer farm-fresh, domestic beef, lamb, goat, and poultry products raised and harvested in America.

When you buy meat online, you need to know how it's processed.

Our meat is hand butchered in-house, flash-frozen, packaged, and made available for you to pick up at your convenience. Our process means there is nothing that stands between you and the freshest cut of meat at an affordable price. That's part of our promise, full transparency of our process!

Local, Farm-Fresh American Beef

Bundled in bulk so you can save big and enjoy the meat you love. Nothing less than the best!

Order meat online, save big, enjoy your favorite cuts.

It's that simple.

We work closely with members of our community to source the highest quality meat and make it available for you online. We butcher in-house, flash freeze, package, and fulfill directly from our own facility to make sure your meat is perfect. Shop now and find the best meat New England has to offer.


We're here, dedicated to being the best online butcher shop and meat processing company in America!

We're ready to provide the best meat America has to offer, all with the added convenience of shopping online. There is no middleman, we're a highly reviewed brick-and-mortar store with our roots buried firmly in New England.

We continue to offer the same premium quality wholesale priced beef that we have for over a generation. The only difference is that we now have the opportunity to offer directly from our home to yours.

We started with just meat processing and have grown our business with the same dedication that we started with. That will never change. That's what we strive for, bringing the best, freshest meat to every American home.


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