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Let's face it, America needs meat. That's why we're here.

That's why we're committed to you, our communities, businesses and farms. We're committed to meat delivery of the highest quality. When you order meat online, we're here to make sure it's nothing but the best. Period.

We offer farm-fresh, 100% domestic beef, chicken, lamb, and goat. Our products are 100% all-natural and come from local farms and ranches here in America.

When you buy meat online, you need to know how it's processed.

Our meat is hand butchered in-house, flash-frozen, packaged, and delivered straight to your door. Our process means there is nothing that stands between you and the freshest cut of meat available online. That's part of our promise, full transparency of our process!

Every cut of meat is USDA inspected and sourced from local Ranches and Farms.

Each cut is guaranteed fresh or your money back!

You won’t find better products in any grocery store!

We deliver direct to your door – at prices that can’t be beat! That's our promise to you. From the local ranches we source our meat from to your dinner table, there's no middle man to get in the way.

Order meat online, get it delivered to your door.

It's that simple.

We work closely with members of our community to source the highest quality meat and make it available for you online. We butcher in-house, flash freeze, package, and ship from our own facility to make sure your meat delivery is perfect. Shop now and find the best meat New England has to offer.

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We're here, dedicated to being the best online butcher shop and meat processing company in America!

We're ready to deliver the best meat America has to offer, all with the added convenience of shopping online. There is no middleman, we're a highly reviewed brick-and-mortar store with our roots buried firmly in New England.

We continue to offer the same premium quality beef, goat, lamb, and poultry that we have for over a generation. The only difference is that we now have the opportunity to offer delivery across the country, from our home to yours.

We started with meat packing and have grown our business with the same dedication that we started with. That will never change. That's what we strive for, bringing the best, freshest meat with convenient delivery to America.

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