Your Local Butcher, Online

New England Meat Company has been devoted to the craft of high-quality animal butchery and exceptional customer service for decades. Our customers, our community, and our devotion to delicious cuts of Farm Fresh meat are the center of our business focus.

Local Butcher Shop

We proudly serve our customers with animals from our own community, and now we're bringing that same shopping experience to you. We offer Farm Fresh chicken, beef, lamb, and goat from the farms in our location to you.

We price our products based on what we pay to produce them, not a desire to drive huge profits. Our prices fluctuate to make sure you're getting the best deal possible for Farm-Fresh meat.

We set the bar high, and demand that every cut we produce meets strict standards of quality. We've built our business on our ability to always meet these standards.

We fulfill everything in-house so that means nothing stands in the way of you and the Farm-Fresh cuts of American meat we offer.