Thank you for choosing New England Meat Packing, LLC DBA New England Meat Company as your premium meat service/product(s) provider.

 Our current customer base ranges throughout the Northeast, from Farmers bringing in just one animal, to custom tailored meat programs with a full truckload. We Offer Wholesale Options for Restaurants, Hotels, Markets, Institutions, Cruise lines & Airlines. Our all-in-one processing facility handles cattle, goat, lamb and veal at high volumes. 

Our operation regularly handles cuts from full carcasses to portioned controlled steaks. All primal and retail cuts are vacuum packaged unless specified.

 We are proud to offer meat cutting, packaging and labeling solutions for your products. We are federally inspected by the U.S.D.A. daily to ensure humane handling, cleanliness, food safety and wholesome delicious products. Having your products inspected by the U.S.D.A. allows your business to sell to consumers in presentable packaging with your own unique labels according to your farm or organization. 

Customer Agreement Form


To schedule a drop-off please call us at (860) 684-3505
or send an email to
The following protocol is followed to ensure proper trace-ability of your livestock:
A. Drop Off  
1. Animal(s) arrive on site and are tagged & identified 
2. Cutting instructions must be received at or prior to delivery of livestock. We urge our clients to provide us with cutting instructions at least 1 week prior to processing.

If cut sheets are not provided at drop-off, a $25 fee will be assessed. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you understand that having this paperwork is imperative for us to process your order in time.


Cut sheets can be filled out on our website


If any assistance is needed with cuts, or cuts not listed on our sheets we will try our best to accommodate. Clients are urged to call for assistance, if needed. One of ​​our experienced butchers will guide you through the steps of making the best out of your animal.
B. Slaughter
1. Once slaughtered, product(s) are hand skinned and dressed 
2. Animal(s) is then weighed and processed.
C. Processing

NEMP agrees to process and package meat products to Customer’s specifications within limitations due to, but not limited to; standard equipment settings, standard packaging materials, timing of other order demands.

NEMP will provide best efforts to timely and completely fulfill Customer’s order(s).

Special orders/requests will require 48 hours notice.

1. All products are vacuum sealed unless otherwise specified.
2. We use thick plastic packaging and bone guard material (if necessary) to prevent breaks and or leaks.
3. Product is labeled.
Labels include:
i. Package Date
ii. Farm Name
iii. Weight
iv. USDA legend
v. Barcode
vi. U.S.D.A. est. number, packed by (New England Meat Packing)
4. Customers have the option of using custom logo design/artwork for a one time fee via our labeling specialists.
5. All products are frozen, boxed, and strapped.
Packaging Specifications:
  • All products are packaged in shrinkable vacuum bags unless specified otherwise.
  • All items bulk packaged in freezer boxes <50lbs unless specified.
  • Farm Name printed on labels are standard. No charge. For logos, fees are applied.
  • Fabrication cost based on carcass hanging weight (without weighing edible organs).
  • Edible organs that we can process are Hearts, Livers, and Tongues, and are not guaranteed to pass inspection at times.
  • Product will be frozen for pick-up unless otherwise agreed upon.
D. Storage
1. Animal(s) are segregated and stored in a separate aging cooler to prevent tampering and potential cross contamination.

Storage Fee for Packaged Products    $100.00 per week


Disposal Fee    $50.00 per pallet/1500lbs of meat


Upon order completion and invoicing, our team will attempt to contact customer to inform products are ready to be picked up.


i. Freezing; For frozen products we cannot allow storage for more than 72 hours due to the need to freeze products for other committed clients.

ii. Bulk; Due to inadequate space for segregated cold storage, if products are processed in bulk for trimming that are intended for further processing and are not cryovaced, they must leave our facility within 24 hours to avoid spoilage. If products are not picked up within 24 hours of order completion, products may be subject to disposal.

iii. Finished Product; All finished packaged product(s) that are procured in house and are not intended for freezing have a maximum of 1 week to be picked up. Please communicate with us to prevent spoilage of product as we are limited to space.

iv. Delivery; If you cannot pick up product in a timely fashion, we have the ability to deliver. See below for pricing and please give us proper notice as we may have other delivery commitments.


 If you are processing for personal consumption, it can be custom cut.  The only differences between USDA processed and custom processed is that the custom cut product cannot be sold to the public, and labels on packages will not include our USDA establishment number and will be marked ‘NOT FOR SALE" to ensure that these products are strictly for private and personal consumption. Although it is not necessary to slaughter the animal under inspection for person consumption it is always possible and there is no difference in price. All products include safe handling instruction to help and enforce food safety at all times.