5 Reasons to Buy Meat from Online Butchers

on June 02, 2021


The old-school way of buying meat included going down to the local butcher shop, buying fresh meat, and lugging it back home. With the rise of online butchers, leaving the home to purchase fresh meat is no longer the only option! You can get unique cuts, free-range meats, and diet-specific essentials with just the click of a button.

While there are endless reasons to online shop for groceries in 2021, here are 5 reasons to buy meat from online butchers rather than the supermarket. 

  • Fast Delivery

While many online butchers strive to achieve the best customer service, a part of that is committing to fast delivery. Our consumer economy enjoys a quick payoff, so online butchers need to deliver their products promptly. Those preparing for a large gathering will need to place their meat orders at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure a seamless delivery.

Some butchers even offer Saturday deliveries or expedited shipping! While shipping cold meats across the country is not easy, online butchers have figured it out. All orders are provided with tracking numbers so customers can adjust their schedules according to delivery.

  • Amazing Selection

The supermarket is not a place for new, innovative meats. Customers want to grab their boneless, skinless chicken breasts and move on. With shopping at an online butcher, the inventory is nearly double that of the supermarket. If you want to branch out and try new meats, an online butcher is the freshest, easiest way to make that happen!

Choose from chicken, beef, pork, bison, goat, lamb, among so many others. You can order an expensive Wagyu steak or a whole duck from a free-range farm. Online butchers only work with the best, most humane farms in the country. Happy animals equal tasty meat!

  • Top Quality

In addition to having a diverse selection of meats and cuts, the quality of the meats is second to none. Online butchers work with all the best farmers across the country. You are getting a diverse product that is no longer limited to location. Certified humane farmers work with online butchers so that their quality meats can reach consumers nationwide. This means offering the highest quality of an animal, such as Wagyu beef.

  • Great for Diet-Specific Recipes

Do you follow strict diet guidelines? Now, buying diet-specific meats is simple and clearly labeled when purchasing meat online.

Sometimes, eating kosher or halal can be difficult since you need to confirm that your meats are certified based on your preferences. Online butchers have made it easy by offering a selection of meats that are certified halal or kosher. The process of farm certification is long, but each farm commits to humane practices to gain consumer trust.

  • Ease and Convenient  

Heading out to the store is time-consuming and takes hours out of your precious free time. Our society today loves the convenience of staying in and ordering online. This rings true for household items and, more recently, grocery shopping. Instead of purchasing mediocre meats at the grocery store, order your meat online from a trusted farmer. This way, the best quality meat you have ever had is delivered right to your door!

There are endless reasons to order your meat online from an online butcher. These trusted companies exist to provide top-notch meats while adding a sense of ease to meat shopping. Your next order from an online butcher will solidify your stance; you’ll never buy meat from the supermarket again!


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