Online Butcher Shops - Are They Worth It?

on June 03, 2021

Online butcher delivery is taking the world by storm. Tons of meat manufacturers are now working with small farms across the country to provide meat delivery to folks nationwide. The need arose from last year’s Covid pandemic. Many online butcher delivery shops saw a huge increase in their profits, so much so that shipping was backed up for months!

Now that we are easing out of the pandemic, the need for butcher delivery remains. The ease and convenience of ordering online are not stopping anytime soon, so it’s best to embrace the prominence of butcher delivery. With all of the shipping fees and large variety, is ordering from online butcher shops worth it?

What Is Online Butcher Delivery? 

Online butcher delivery companies provide high-quality meats from a large selection of farms across the country. The meat processing company works with small, family-run farms to distribute their quality meats to a wider range of consumers via shipping. Once the animals are processed, they are sold online via the meat processing company’s website.

The butcher delivery companies credit the farmers upon purchase so that consumers know exactly where their meat is coming from. This is more transparent than the supermarket, as meats are rarely advertised based on what farm they are from. Within 5-7 business days, you have a cold storage box of fresh meat delivered straight to your door.

Without the butcher delivery companies, small farms are limited by their location. Distribution is expensive, so many farmers sell their meats directly to consumers or local grocery stores. Instead, butcher delivery allows for these small farms to reach consumers across the nation.

What Farms Participate?

Many small and medium-sized farms participate in online butcher delivery. You can find some of your favorite midwestern farms selling their goods in this way, as well as farms across America. Many of these farms already have great reputations for being humane, free-range, and organic. There are so many butcher delivery companies these days, you are likely to find one that operates out of your area.

Is It Worth It?

Everyone has a different opinion on what is worth the money or not. We find that butcher delivery is SO worth it! You can find unique cuts of meat that you would not find anywhere else, such as American-raised Wagyu beef or a whole goat for spit-roasting. The online catalogs for meat are massive. If you have always wanted to try a certain cut of meat, a butcher delivery company is sure to have it.

Sure, some prices may be slightly higher than what you would find at the grocery store. Chalk it up to quality. You are getting a fresh, high-quality cut of meat delivered to your home. It is likely fresher than you would find at the store, therefore it will be tastier than any other meat you have cooked. Plus, you will pay a similar price in a small, family-run in-person butcher shop.

All in all, butcher delivery is totally worth it!


If you have not used butcher delivery since the pandemic began, it is highly recommended. There is a reason that this trend has exploded in popularity; it’s worth it to shop online for your meats! Wait a few days after your purchase and you have some beautiful cuts of fresh meat delivered to your home. Seriously, the meat from butcher delivery shops will blow your mind, so place an order today!


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