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Celebrate Eid ul-Adha with Blessed Qurbani 2024
Eid ul-Adha, the 'Festival of Sacrifice', is one of the most revered times in the Muslim calendar, commemorating Prophet Ibrahim's unwavering faith and dedication. This year, join us in honoring this sacred tradition from Sunday, June 16th to Thursday, June 20th.

As we remember Ibrahim's devotion and celebrate our faith, let us also share the blessings. Our service ensures that your Qurbani is performed with the utmost respect and dedication.

Book your Qurbani now and ensure it is performed to the highest standard.

This Eid ul-Adha, fulfill your religious duties effortlessly with us. Let's share joy, spread blessings, and celebrate a festival full of faith and gratitude together.

Looking to Attend or Perform zabiha!

We are only accepting walk-ins the day of the offerings.
Visit our facility to order and wait to perform the Zabiha yourself or have one of our Muslim brothers do it for you.
- Lamb and Goats: Sunday 6/16
- Beef: Monday 6/17

Certified Zabiha Halal

Halal Monitoring Services

Halal Monitoring Services, a branch of Shariah Board of America (Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation), is a non-profit independent Halal monitoring organization which:
- Certifies and monitors only hand-slaughtered Halal meat according to the principles of Zabiha Halal.
- Monitors the whole chain, from the slaughterhouse, to the distributor, to the retail store or restaurant.
- Makes sure there is no mixing with non-certified meat at any level of the supply.
- Has an independent team of experienced Ulama running the service.
- Generates a network of certified slaughterhouses, grocery stores and restaurants, currently spanning over several cities across 13 states in the US
- Makes proper monitored hand-slaughtered Halal easily accessible throughout America. - Provides all of services free of cost.
- Has provided services since 2005

Sharia Board of New York

SBNY strives to serve the Muslim Ummah in their religious, spiritual, social and personal matters including parenting, marriage counseling, family conflict mediation, fair arbitration of mutual conflicts in business and common affairs, monthly local moon sighting effort, Zabiha Halal certification and monitoring, distribution of free informative pamphlets and brochures about Hajj, Sadaqatul Fitr, Mahar, preparing wills, etc. and answers to everyday masa-il of the Deen which are all are provided FREE OF CHARGE to the Muslim community.


FAQ for Eid al-Adha 2024 Qurbani
Q- Can I preform the Zabiha?
A- This year, one of our Muslim brothers will be preforming the Zabiha on your behalf.

Q- Can I select my own goat?
A- This year we will be selecting the goat for you.

Q- Can I select my own lamb?
A- This year we will be selecting the lamb for you.

Q- Will I be assigned a number ahead of time for the purchase of whole beef?
A- No, this year we will be assigning numbers based on the time of arrival.

Q- Why am I preordering an animal if I am not going to be assigned a number?
A- We are requiring preorders to make sure that we have stock available for all orders.

Q- What is the schedule for the holiday?
A- Pickup of lamb, goat, and beef share will be estimated at time of purchase.